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Things to keep in mind while taking a flight with arthritis problem


Things to keep in mind while taking a flight with arthritis problem

In the summertime, there are many people who will plan for a vacation with their family. But, what if you have joint pain then what you need to do so that your journey goes smoothly. This guide will help you with some things while you are taking a flight with arthritis problem.

Find some of the things suggested by our ortho doctor to keep in mind while boarding flight with arthritis issue:


  • Choose the right packing bag


Make sure that you pack your stuff in the lightweight and rolling luggage. It is even better to have a suitcase with wheels and handles which rotate 360 degrees as this way pulling and pushing will be easy.


  • Do a preflight workout


Do a 30 minutes workout as it will help the joints to get loose and prolonged sitting in the plane seat will not affect your joints.

If you are not sure which exercise will be best after the arthritis treatment then ask your doctor.

Important Note: Make sure that you do not opt for a new activity one week before as your body will not get used to it.

Do not sit for a long time

If you are on a long flight then you should get up and walk down the aisle every couple of hours so that the stiffness and pain do not set in.


  • Pay additional charges for legroom


Many airlines, give the option of buying a set with extra legroom. This way you can stretch the legs easily.


  • Opt for an aisle seat


You should book an aisle seat so that you can get up as many times as you want without asking your row-mates to give you space.


  • Carry your pain medications


Make sure the pain medications are easily accessible, so keep them in a carry bag. Before going, talk to your doctor if the pain increases can dosage be increased or should you keep additional pain medications with you.


  • Keep the right posture


Your hips and knees should be at an angle of 90 degrees while you are sitting. In case, your feet do meet the feet properly then you should keep something underneath it. Ask for blankets and pillows from the flight attendant.


  • Do Exercise while sitting


– Raise and lower the heels but keep the toes on the ground.

– Tighten the muscle’s legs and relax.

– if you have extra space then lift the foot and keep the legs straight till the time you feel it in the hamstrings.


So, keeping in mind these things and consulting your doctor before traveling will make your journey comfortable.

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