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Three Most Common knee Surgeries – Explained


    Three Most Common knee Surgeries – Explained

    The human body gets injured or faces any ailment by meeting any accident or miss-happening or due to malfunctioning of any organ. One body part which is most commonly injured is the knee.

    What are some of the knee surgeries?

    The knee may get injured so badly that it needs a surgical procedure for correction. As it is a joint, the timely diagnoses and treatment of the same are crucial for maintaining the right movement of the knee and the leg. The surgeries that are generally carried out to treat knee are:

    1. Arthroscopy Surgery: this surgery is meant for repairing or removing damaged cartilage. A person who has torn meniscus due to any reason requires this surgery. It is done by inserting a pencil-size camera into the knee. This surgery requires a minimum invasion. The physical recovery time is quite reasonable when a person undergoes this medical procedure. This is because the individual becomes fit to drive again in a week or three and restarts his/her physical activities from 1.5 months to 2 months.
    2. ACL Reconstruction Surgery: in this surgery, there is repair of the anterior cruciate ligament that is ACL. This ligament is responsible for the connection of the femur to the tibia. A person with a torn ligament or excessive weakness requires this surgery. The surgery assists in the restoration of stability of the knee. The surgery is performed by withdrawing the graft from the hamstrings or knee tendons. This procedure needs time for recovery of the knee. The patient has to spend almost 30 days on crutches. Physical training of 4 to 6 months is required for a player to resume his sports.
    3. Knee replacement surgery: This surgical procedure involves inserting an artificial joint. This surgery is needed by those who have had knee pain for more than 6 months and have had no positive recovery from other knee treatments, and the pain is extreme and affects the daily chores that one does. The implantation of metal and plastic joints performs this surgery. Simultaneously, damaged cartilage and a small amount of bone are removed. The patient has to spend three nights in the hospital and give up all his/her work for some period of time. Three months of physical training help the patient to return to normal position.

    In brief, the knee functioning is important to support the movement of the legs and the ability to walk.

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