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Tips to protect the lower back from pain


    Tips to protect the lower back from pain

    Many people suffer from back pain daily which affects the daily working routine. Well, it is important to take proper preventive measures to prevent the problem from progressing, prevent indirect trauma, and avoiding direct injury. In this topic we have shared the tips which help you protect the back from lower pain.

    Here are some of the top tips given by the doctor to protect the back from lower pain:


    • Make your core muscles strong


    Some of the core-building exercises are:

    Water therapy

    This helps in providing a great range of motion which is particularly for lifting the legs. This also helps in conditioning the injured muscles and allow strength. This is best for patients with chronic back pain.

    Exercise Ball workouts

    This involves sitting on the ball for 20 to 30 minutes or stretching with the ball so that the core muscles are engaged.

    – Low Impact Cardiovascular exercise

    This involves brisk or normal walking as it improves the blood flow to the spine and muscles.

    Make sure you talk to the physical therapist at the right time as they will let you know the right ways of doing the exercise. In case the problem is not solved then you need to get back surgery. To get the spine surgery make sure you choose the competent and skilled spine surgeon.


    • Be aware while lifting stuff


    Lifting is the most common reason behind lower back pain. When you lift with back bent it can cause sudden twist which can lead to chronic tissue damage. Keep these lifting guidelines in your mind:

    – The object should behold close when you straighten the spine.

    – Bent at the knees because proper forward bent has high chances of increasing disc injury.


    • Make sure to rest after bending for a long time


    When you bend forward for a long time like doing gardening will lead to certain changes in ligaments and discs. Due to some time, the joints can get stiff. Putting stress on your back immediately will increase the chances of sudden injury. So, it is best to stand upright for a few minutes and give time to recover & re-shape to spinal tissues.


    • Buy a comfortable sitting chair


    While working if you slouch forward it can cause back problems like disc degeneration. So, it is best to keep in mind certain things:

    – For additional support keep a rolled-up towel at the back.

    – For some time use a standup desk.

    – Buy an ergonomic chair to support the thighs and back.

    Additionally, keep a reminder on your phone every 50 minutes to make sure your posture is right, walk for a few minutes, and stretch the leg & back muscles.

    Make sure you seek medical help at the right time as your doctor is the right person to give you the proper information to prevent back pain.

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