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Tips to Treat Muscle Soreness after Exercise


    Tips to Treat Muscle Soreness after Exercise

    It has become very common to have sore muscles after exercising, especially among athletes. The problem arises when the muscles are put to greater use than they actually should be. Well, in this topic, we are going to share top effective tips to deal with muscle soreness after exercise.

    Here are common treatment options to deal with muscle soreness after you exercise


    The most simple yet effective one is rest as it helps the microtears to heal themselves which makes the muscle stronger. In most cases, people can improve the condition without getting any treatment and just by resting for 5 to 7 days.

    Active recovery

    Many athletes do prefer the option of rest so they can consider active recovery. This means they will only perform exercise which is less-intensive while their body is recovering so that they won’t get sore.

    moreover, this also helps the blood flow to increase in the muscles which reduces muscle pain. So, it is important to do light activities so that more pressure in not out on the damaged muscles.


    Within 48 hours of getting sore muscles, you should apply the ice for effective results. After that time its effect is not that effective. This option is considered by many top athletes to deal with such a condition.

    Keep in mind if any of the given options is not helping or you notice the problem is increasing

    then do not wait for a long time and consult the best ortho doctor right away.


    Massage is another helpful option in stimulating blood flow to sore muscles and reduce the swelling. Many athletes opt for foam rolling which is self-massage types. In this, they use styrofoam high-density roll to put the pressure of body weight on the muscles.

    Gentle stretching

    Although stretching will not help to reduce muscle soreness but yes it can help the recovery process to go faster. If you are not sure what to do then you should talk to the doctor for the best advice.

    Anti-Inflammatory medications

    Few medications can help to deal with soreness like ibuprofen but keep in mind it won’t affect the timeline of recovery you need. If you take them at the right time then it might help to see the best results, but always take them as prescribed by the doctor.


    Heat is the best option to relax the stiff and tensed muscles. Heat is also the best option when you have opted for active recovery as it helps the muscles to lose and get warm before you start exercising.

    Eat properly

    What you eat will show results on the condition. So, make sure you opt for a nutritious diet as suggested by your doctor.

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