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What are Arthritis and its types? What is the cause, and How to cure it?


    What are Arthritis and its types? What is the cause, and How to cure it?

    An increasing number of Arthritis due to lifestyles with less physical activity is a major cause of Arthritis obesity, and a weak immune system can trigger to attack its tissue. 

    There are a large number of surgeries performed to get rid of Arthritis. These surgeries are performed by spine surgeons. If you are looking for a spine surgeon, you will get Best Spine Surgeon in Ludhiana with many years of experience. 


    With a great spine surgeon, you also get Best Ortho Doctor in Ludhiana. You will get more satisfactory results as they will examine your condition correctly. Undertaking an ortho doctor’s advice before undergoing surgery is very beneficial.  


    Arthritis and its types:

    Arthritis is when the area around the joints becomes inflammatory, causes pain and redness, and results in swelling. Which further leads to other diseases. There is a different term defined for various requirements which differ on the grounds of Arthritis: 



    when fluids and cartilage around the joints break down and cause difficulty in moving. 

    Spinal Stenosis causes back pain as it makes the bones weaker. In some cases, it becomes worse and can affect the urinary system. Majorly 50 or older people get affected by it. 


    Rheumatoid Arthritis:

    In this condition, the immune system plays a vital role as a weak immune system will affect the cells itself and cause damage to joints and also results in swollen joining and severe pain. This can trigger many other diseases in the body, especially the brain, arms, hands, teeth, and bone joints. 


    Gout: this is caused on joints, especially at feet, toes, or ankles, as it causes redness, swelling, and pain around joints. A gout attack can last up to 12 hours or a few days. 


    This condition is caused due to stress and traumatic situations. The symptoms of this condition are stiffness all over the body, sleeping issues, and tiredness. It can be caused due to family history, obesity, or due to representative injuries. This can be affected by all ages and cured by several medications. It also requires changes in lifestyle, like increasing physical activities throughout the day. 

    Childhood Arthritis:

    Also known as Juvenile Arthritis, is caused in children and sometimes results in disability in walking or dressing up. Lab tests like X-rays can help find the cause of the condition and help in verifying the symptoms like fever, rashes, and difficulty in playing. There is no cure, as the disease no longer stays with a child, and it becomes a disability. 

    How can these be cured? 

    There is no cure, but it can be managed by several changes in lifestyle, like yoga, swimming, massage, and natural remedies, but it should be taken after a proper examination by an orthopaedic doctor or physician. They can also prescribe you medicines to slow down the intensity of inflammation and pain around the joint. 

    But in the case of Spinal Stenosis, the laminectomy is performed in which buildups are cleaned through surgeries, and the spinal canal gets more space for nerves and the spinal cord, which reduces pain and stiffness.


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