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What are the topmost tips to choose the best spine surgeon in India?


    What are the topmost tips to choose the best spine surgeon in India?


    If you are planning to undergo spine or neck surgery, then it is important to go with a renowned surgeon. Achieving the best results, to minimize the pain, and reducing the complications are possible when you consult the best surgeon. In this blog, we are going to mention the tops tips which help you select the best surgeon for spine surgery in India.


    Top tips to choose the best spine surgeon

    Ask the surgeon about his qualification or experience

    • Surgeon experience

    You should ask how many times you have performed the surgery. Make sure to discuss the risk and advantages linked to it. You should ask whether there are short or long-term benefits to it. If the surgeon suggests you to undergo cervical artificial disc replacement to get relief from arm or neck pain, then you should ask how many times he has performed the surgery in the past.

    • Board-certified or not

    Not everyone can perform the surgery. You must be board-certified to perform the surgery. Make sure the surgeon you are choosing is part of the spine organization which ensures that they have the best team of doctors.

    • Training

    The surgeon you are going to choose should be properly trained. It is best when the surgeon is having advanced training or the problem which you are facing.


    Check the surgeon credentials

    You can check the surgeon’s credentials by checking the state medical board. You should check their website. During the research, you may come across a surgeon who is not capable enough to do the surgery or the past surgery he has done did not provide the best results. If you find any discrepancy then feel free to consult the doctor about the same.


    Second opinion does not work every time.

    At times, we want to take a second opinion because we did not get the answer to all your questions. You might need a second opinion if:

    • If the procedure was not explained to you or the diagnosis results were not satisfactory.
    • The surgeon avoids your concerns or doubts
    • The surgeon’s experience or qualification will not lead to an increased chance of treatment success.

    No doubt, getting a second opinion is perfect in every sense before you choose to undergo major surgery. But, this is not the case always. When you are consulting the surgeon make sure to ask him about his experience and qualification. In the end, if you are confused about whom to choose then you should get a third opinion.


    Make the final choice with ease

    Before undergoing the surgery, make sure the surgeon you are selecting answers all your questions. Consider the above-mentioned points while looking for the surgeon and your search for the best surgeon will be completed with ease.

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