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What is Joint Hyperextension?


    What is Joint Hyperextension?

    This is a type of exercise that is useful to get rid of lower and middle back pain. This is also valuable to stretch muscles and you can perform it at home or in a gym with the help of machines and tools. Here, in this guide we are going to give you proper information about hyperextension.

    Hyperextension is explained as excessive joint movement or this is a type of exercise that works the lower back and the mid. This exercise is also known as a superman exercise, in which your back is hyperextended than normal position.

    This exercise will help you to get rid of joint problems and strengthen your muscles. However, if you are suffering from joint problems, you must visit the doctor and go with joint surgery such as joint replacement.

    Range of Motion

    Well, almost every joint of the human body allows movement, except skull joint. In addition, there are so many other joints that allow a range of motion such as ankles and knees. You may not know what is a range of motion, range of motion means how far you can move your joint in each direction without any complication. For instance, here, we can take an example of the neck. No doubt, you can move your neck in any direction where you want to, but if you try to move your neck too far, then it will lead you to problems such as swelling, pain, and discomfort as well. Moreover, a range of motion is measured differently because every joint has a different range of motion in the human body.


    This flexion is explained as bending and molding of a joint. This is completely opposite of hyperflexion, in the flexion condition the angle that is present between the two or more bones is decreased. This condition usually occurs when muscles contract and bones meet each other or nearby joints.


    As we stated above, this is actually a type of exercise that basically works on the lower and middle back. You can practice it in two ways, first you can perform it by lying down on the floor, and second, you can perform it in the gym on the table or machine. Many people ask us how to practice or perform it at the ground.

    • You must lie down on the floor and face toward the ground.
    • And then start lifting your torso and arms off the ground.
    • But make sure you keep your hips and body on the ground.
    • And try to stretch your muscles, but do not stretch too much.

    You can also practice it in the gym but if you are not aware of it then must ask your trainer to tell you, and guide you on how to practice this.

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