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What is the role of substance P in Arthritis?


    What is the role of substance P in Arthritis?

    The substance P was discovered in 1931 but it took years to know about its importance in the body. The substance P major role is with the pain transmitter of the dorsal horn. With more information, its biochemical properties were known. In this guide, we have discussed the significance of substance P in arthritis.

    Function of substance P in the body

    Many studies have been done on animals and in vitro studies to know the function of substance P. It is found that this substance causes pain through nociceptin. This is a nerve cell that reacts to damage stimuli by signaling the brain and spinal cord. Research also showed that it leads to a pro-inflammatory effect on the body. Substance P is present in the neurons which play an essential role in stress, anxiety, and pain.

    Apart from these, it has a major part in the physiologic responses:

    • Vomiting
    • Defensive behavior
    • Vasodilation
    • Smooth muscle contraction
    • Enlargement of salivary secretion
    • Change in cardiovascular tone

    Link between Arthritis and Substance P

    Studies have shown that this substance is involved with arthritis and inflammatory problems. This substance plays an important role in this condition. Some of the findings have suggested:

    • Substance P was found in certain key areas.
    • Substance P is found in a high amount in the synovial fluid specifically in rheumatoid patients.
    • The total count of Substance P receptors is different in rheumatoid tissue.

    The researchers have demonstrated certain features like specific joint develop arthritis issues and it is severe also. The pattern of joints is symmetrical and bilateral with rheumatoid.

    Keep in mind if you face the problem of the joint or the pain is getting severe then talk to the ortho doctor right away.

    How to target Substance P?

    While investigating the role of P substance a new treatment was delivered. But, the researchers claim that the NK1 receptor the blocker is used for treating the rheumatoid problem. For now:

    • Inflammation is reduced with Glucocorticoids which originated in the nerve tissue and the NK-1 expression is decreased and the enzyme production is increased which leads to degradation of substance P.
    • The patient gets relief from pain as topical capsaicin helps deplete the substance P. This takes around 1 to 4 weeks to show its results. Make sure, you re-apply it according to the directions mentioned or how your doctor has asked you to do.

    Role of Substance P in acute pain after surgery

    Research about its role in severe pain after the surgery is scarce. This is for patients with chronic pain. The study found that substance P serum concentration and acute pain intensity occurred in the patients but the drainage flu was not able to detect it.

    If you have any doubts in your mind then talk to the doctor right away to make an informed decision.

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