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Hip Bursitis And Its causes


Hip Bursitis And Its causes

Hip Bursitis is an inflammatory and painful condition that affects the largest joint i.e. hip. Hip bursitis can leave a dramatic impact on the body and how you move around daily. It is important to understand the condition. Read the given guide, to learn about the hip bursitis and its causes.

What is Hip Bursitis?

Hip bursitis problems lead to hip pain which can be moderate and sometimes constant. Sometimes the problem can occur due to excessive activity or not doing enough which happens due to the hips anatomy.

The hip joint is large and weight-bearing which allows you to move with ease. The problem occurs when the bursae becomes inflamed or irritated. You should consult the ortho doctor right away to understand what can work best for you. In some cases, hip replacement is the best choice to live a normal life.

What are the causes of Hip Bursitis?

  • Repetitive Movement

Hip bursitis can occur due to repetitive movement which is extremely common in professional athletes like runners, or long-distance hikers. The problem can occur in the knee and hips because of the repetitive movement.

If you are facing a problem, then you need to ask the doctor about the hip replacement surgery. 

  • Excessive training

When you do training in excess it means repetitive motion which can lead to injury. People who lift heavy-weights put too much stress on hips, ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the hip joint. If you do this incorrectly, it can flare up the issue of bursae.

  • Lifestyle habits

Your inactive lifestyle can be one of the reasons that you face the issue of hip bursitis. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, the hip tissues can become rigid, susceptible to injury, and inflexible. Even a minor tear can result in inflammation and it is extremely painful when you even sit.

  • Not doing a warm-up before physical activity

Injury can occur due to lack of warmup and this is one of the big risks. People who exercise regularly need to follow a warmup routine to make sure they do not face any issue. To avoid the pain in the hips and irritation you need to do a warm-up before exercise.

  • Abnormal gait

Some people are born with one leg longer as compared to others. If the problem is severe it can lead to the issue of abnormal gait. The problem might also occur due to injury and we try to adjust the weight which can also become a habit over time.

No matter what the case is when we make adjustments to injury or pain in the body, the hip joint is not able to keep the balance. Abnormal gait is one of the reasons to trigger the issue of hip bursitis.

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