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Knee Pain Gets Worse With Age


    Knee Pain Gets Worse With Age

    Aging gives way to a lot of problems. One of them is knee pain. Scientific research has shown that you stand an increased risk of knee pain as your age increases. You can’t hold back time, but you can certainly do something about not becoming a knee pain patient. Extreme Knee pain can lead to the requirement for knee replacement. Knee pain treatment often calls for strict measures.

    How Age Affects Our Knee

    Our knees are joints that very often have to fight with gravity. With every bit of motion we undertake, our knees experience wear and tear. The increase in wear and tear leads to knee pain.


    It is a type of arthritis that affects the cartilage in our knees. The cartilage acts as an agent of protection for our knees. The result is that you experience pain in your knees. Mind it; it is no longer limited to the elderly generation. About 14 percent of arthritis patients in America are just 24 or older. 34 percent of people over 65 are affected by the condition.


    People with more weight put more pressure on their knees. With the extra kilos, the knees have to support a much heavier structure all the time. The weight-bearing capacity of the knees decreases with age. Obesity is a leading cause of arthritis.

    Muscle Changes

    Our body shows significant muscle shrinkage between the ages of 20 and 60. Naturally, it results in a decrease in strength. While we walk or do other activities, our hip muscles take the force on our legs. Lost muscle support can lead to knee pain.

    How to avoid the trouble

    Aging people must take the following measures to ensure that they don’t face this condition.

    Maintain a Low Weight

    As we have shown that weight and knee pain and good friends, try not to gain weight. Even losing 5 percent weight will make a difference.


    Follow a regular exercise schedule and active lifestyle. Regular walking and strength training are tough fighters as far as arthritis is concerned. You will be pleased to hear that the effects of exercise are as beneficial as the intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

    The good news is that if you haven’t developed knee pain till now, it is time to take up the mission to ensure that it doesn’t crop up in the future. Just follow the tips given by us, and you will hopefully be pain-free for life.

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