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hip replacement surgery


    Things To Consider Before Hip Replacement Surgery

    Hip replacement is a surgical procedure to replace the injured or damaged hip joint. This is the second most common procedure after the joint replacement procedure. These days, many people are suffering from this condition due to many factors in which injury and obesity are at their peak. In addition, your surgeon replaces your old [...]


      Reasons You Need Hip replacement Surgery

      Hip replacement surgery is performed to replace the damaged parts of the hip joint. Its treatment is also helpful in getting relief from severe hip pain. In this process, your surgeon makes 2-3 small incisions in order to do surgery. This is the procedure that is totally safe and secure for each age group. You [...]


        Post Hip Replacement Surgery – Exercises For Fast Recovery

        Routine activities are valuable to reestablish hip movement and quality. Additionally. Exercises are helpful in quick recovery. Your orthopedic specialist and health advisor may prescribe that you practice 20 to 30 minutes light activities 3 times each day amid your initial recuperation after hip replacement surgery. These activities are vital for expanding circulation of blood [...]

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          Do Hip or Knee Implants last for Decades?

          Joint replacement surgeries are considered the safe and effective treatment option for problematic joints as these surgeries restore the strength of muscles and also the mobility of the particular joint. It is the obvious question in the minds of patients who had or planning to have joint replacement surgeries, what will be the life of [...]

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            What Is The Life Expectancy Of The Knee Or Hip Implants?

            It is not uncommon today to get a total hip or knee replacement in India as technological reforms and modifications have altered the replacement method in many ways so that people can have safer, better, and outstanding results with fewer complications. If you have chosen the best orthopedic surgeon in Punjab, then you can expect [...]

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              Hip Replacement: Facts That Entail This Surgical Option

              Replacement surgeries are common in the orthopaedic field and the most notable of them is a hip replacement. Any joint replacement surgery generally aims at replacing the worn-out joint. Common causes of hip damage arise from arthritis, fractures, infection, among others. Explaining The Common Reasons For Hip Replacement The hip is a ball and socket [...]

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