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Home Workouts for separated Shoulder Rehabilitation to Improve Flexibility & Strength


Home Workouts for separated Shoulder Rehabilitation to Improve Flexibility & Strength

Experiencing a separated shoulder can be a painful and debilitating experience. It is also referred to as Acromioclavicular (AC). It is the most common bone injury among athletes, especially in contact sports. If you are struggling with ortho issues, then don’t let it stop you from playing your game; beat the pain with precise treatment at our best ortho hospital in ludhiana.


How It Happens : 


Ligaments and collar bone are connected to the shoulder, when they tear apart or are stretched beyond their limit, it results in shoulder separation. Unbearable pain and severe weakness are the prime signs of this shoulder injury. 


However, the best part is that people can easily recover from the injury with professional care and assistance from an experienced ortho doctor in India. Read the following blog to learn some of the best exercises that can speed up the recovery process along with rehabilitation treatment for separated shoulders. 


What is a separated Shoulder?


As the term refers to a separated shoulder, it means ligaments attached to your collarbone and shoulder blade are damaged. These problems can rise due to numerous reasons, such as a direct fall and a hard blow over the shoulder.


Severity of Injury: 


These injuries can be mild or severe. In mild injuries, ligaments are stretched a little bit but in severe cases the ligaments are almost torn apart. And it causes misalignment in the shoulder. It causes unbearable pain in the shoulder like arthritis causes in the knee. 


Signs of separated Shoulder: 


Following is the list of signs that signify the problem of separated shoulders. 


> Pain in the Top of Shoulder

> Tenderness in AC joint 

> Swelling 

> Deformity of Shoulder

> Limited shoulder mobility


If you are experiencing this kind of problem, then you might need to get your shoulder bone assessed at the best ortho hospital in ludhiana. 


Is Surgery Required? 


In the majority of separated shoulder cases rehabilitation along with light home exercises and some minor lifestyle modifications are recommended. But if the condition is worse and pain is increasing rapidly then surgery is crucial. Sometimes these problems can be the indication of other major tearing and worn out associated with the shoulder, like rotator cuff etc. 


Easy & Effective Home Exercises for separated Shoulder:


Along with professional medical treatment, best and effective home exercises are key to improve the shoulder bone rapidly. Following are the best exercises listed which are easy to do and can provide you a lot more benefit in your journey of recovery. 


These exercises aim to restore the following: 


> Flexibility

> Mobility 

> Strength 


Pendulum Swings:       


It is a great exercise to lose up your shoulder muscles. Improves flexibility without putting too much strain on the joints.


How to do it : 


> Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart

> Allow arms to hang down towards the floor. 

> Slowly move each arm in opposite circular directions. 

It promotes blood flow and increases flexibility. 


Scapular Squeezes:


This exercise is a great option to improve posture and strengthen your upper back muscle along with shoulder ligaments. 


How to do it : 


> Sit/Stand with your arms at your sides

> Squeeze your shoulder blades together 

> Hold it for a few seconds

> Release it gradually

> Do 10 -15 reps 


As the number of reps increases, the strength of your shoulder will also increase. 


There are more exercises to improve your ortho health, for rehabilitation to top-notch medical care, connect with the top ortho doctor in india, at Kalyan Hospital. 

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