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Lower Back Pain Treatment in Jalandhar – Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Jalandhar


Lower Back Pain Treatment in Jalandhar – Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Jalandhar

Are you suffering from low back pain? Let us have a look at the causes of low back pain and prevention strategies

This back pain can stop your whole life and make it difficult for you to move, sit or stand even so its management is quite essential for every individual. Before understanding the causes, management and prevention strategies of low back pain let us understand more about the low back pain.

What is low back pain?

These days the back pain is getting common among the youngsters, especially who are having a sedentary job style as even the studies have claimed that most of the individuals have back pain problem due to job-related inabilities. This pain can be of three following types

  1. Acute back pain is the initial stage of low back pain which generally get resolved on its own with some rest and self-care. It generally remains for 1-2 days.
  2. Subacute low back pain remains for 4-12 weeks approximately for which back pain treatment in Jalandhar can be taken to get relief.
  3. Chronic pain is the third and final stage of pain which sustains more than 12weeks and for this kind of a pain sometimes surgeon may recommend for endoscopic spine surgery in Jalandhar for permanent relief from pain.

Causes for low back pain

  1. Sprains can because of low back pain which may happen due to overstretching or tearing ligaments, twisting or lifting something in an inadequate manner or lifting too heavyweight.
  2. Strains can also be common cause for low back pain which can occur due to tear in tendon or muscles and even overstretching may also be responsible for low back pain.
  3. Apart from this infection, tumors, kidney stones, and abdominal aortic aneurysms can also cause the lower back pain.

Prevention strategies for low back pain

  1. Light exercises like brisk walk; swimming, stationary bike riding for half an hour daily may help you to cope up with low back pain.
  2. You should do stretching before any exercise or physical activity so that sprain can be prevented
  3. It is good to have adequate sitting posture to get relief from pain for instance at your workplace you can keep your position comfortable and your work should be an adequate height and comfortable support at the back can also be helpful for you.
  4. Sleep at the firm surface and avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent low back pain.

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