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knee replacement surgery


What are some Good Alternatives to Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is taken by people who are suffering from chronic knee pain, damage of cartilage, and some other problems related to your joints. But, there are also some alternatives to knee replacement surgery if you are scarring to get this one. Knee replacement is basically designed for those who are suffering from knee [...]


Everything You Must Know About Knee Replacement

The most common procedure of joint is a knee replacement. Every year around 1 million knee replacement procedure is performed. It can be quite difficult to know when you have to get the surgery. When is the right time to have the replacement? The knee replacement surgery is performed when the pain in the knee [...]


Which One Should I Choose Knee Replacement Vs Conservative Treatment Of Knee Pain

Out of the many successful operations which are carried out the world over, knee replacement is one of them. It has been a boon to many people who have gone through it. Patients ask their doctor about the correct time to have their knee replacement done. Below are mentioned some traditional treatments for curing arthritis [...]


Three Most Common knee Surgeries – Explained

The human body gets injured or faces any ailment by meeting any accident or miss-happening or due to malfunctioning of any organ. One body part which is most commonly injured is the knee. What are some of the knee surgeries? The knee may get injured so badly that it needs a surgical procedure for correction. [...]


What Are The Signs That Knee Replacement Surgery Has Failed?

Knee problems have become very common in all age groups. The onset of aging, problems of osteoporosis and escalating obesity levels are leading to rising statistics of people with knee problems. Total knee replacement surgery is one of the most common surgeries, its number coming next only to hip replacement and cataract surgery. The aim [...]


Knee Replacement in Chandigarh | Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Chandigarh

9 topmost and easy exercises for strengthening muscles before knee replacement surgery If you will approach Knee replacement in Chandigarh, then it is possible that you can be recommended to do some muscle strengthening exercises before undergoing the surgery. The specialist team of surgeons and trainers recommend for some muscle exercises to the patients of knee [...]